Here are some Frequently Asked Questions I get about my work and drawer systems.


Are you taking on new work?

At the moment I am not taking on any custom work. That being said I am doing installs of 4Runner Drawer Systems. All my extra time is going towards my new business ideas and making the website better.

Are you going to make DIY Plans for vehicles other than the 4Runner?

Yes that is partly the reason for not doing an van conversions or other custom jobs at the moment, all my extra time is going into expanding the website.

If I order a drawer system how long does it take until install?

At the moment the lead time is 1-2 weeks until we can set an appointment for the install to take place.

How long does the install take?

Less than one hour!

Where can I find you or get in contact?

I do not advertise my shop address because I would have to so many drive bys and people stopping in I would probably not get any work done haha. I like to do my work by appointment only and answer as many questions through email as possible. You can contact me at solidwoodworx@gmail.com

Does your system work for 4Runners with 3rd row or sliding cargo trays?

No it does not. I am working on a few modifications to make it work with those models.

Does the drawer and bed system lay flat?

Yes it does!

Can I still use my 2nd row seats?

Yes when the drawer system is installed you are able to put the seats back up to the stock driving position. The only exception is in the 5th generation you can not recline the 2nd row seats which some have the option too.

Can i use the false tops on either drawer?

Yes they are interchangeable, the drawers are the same size thus false tops fitting on each side.