In the past years as a vehicle builder creating a following through social media and my helpful YouTube videos I have been able to work with some great companies! Here are a few companies that have allowed me to pass on some savings to my customers, subscribers, and followers! Some companies listed below without savings are still affiliates I work with and i do get a small commission when you click through the link to purchase!

Use the code "solidwoodworx" at checkout for 10% OFF.

Renogy if you dont already know is a leader in Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries, and all kinds of energy products for Vans, Rvs, Overaland vehicles, and other applications. I have been working with them since the beginning and continue to since they are the best and are always innovating! They have allowed me to offer a 10% OFF coupon that can be used at checkout for all there products except batteries.


Prinsu Roof Racks & Accessories are the best in the business and I am thrilled dot work with on some of my custom builds! The racks are easy to install, rugged, and lightweight. Prinsu makes many accessories to attach to the rack for mounting, shovels, tanks, lights, and other sport equipment storage sytstems.



Use the code "solidwoodworx" at checkout for 10% OFF.

OLight reached out to me for a product review a few months ago and we have been working together ever since. I am amazed by there products and how well they work while camping. First they sent me a few flashlights which i would use while scouting out spots when camping in my own van and also in the shop while under the van hookup up electrical and plumbing. More recently they sent me there new lantern for a product review which I love and use all the time out camping!

 maloo racks

Maloo is a product I use all the time and endorse for any vehicle you have to help you while your out near the ocean or camping! There rack is as simple as it gets but solves a problem beautifully.